When sinks, tubs, toilets become clogged or plugged Tyrone’s Drain Doctor provides the smart solution that you need. Call us in Saskatoon today for all of your drains and plumbing problems.

Video Camera Inspection
Video inspection of main lines is a smart choice; it saves you money and shows you what is happening with your home’s main sewer line. Most of the time roots from trees seek and find moisture in your main sewer line. We can auger out the roots to prevent any further damage and make repairs as necessary.



Keeping drains clean is not an easy job. It involves clearing slimy junk and scum that accumulates over years. It’s a dirty job and someone has to do it; fortunately, you can hire Tyrone's Drain Doctor to do the job for you.

Drain Cleaning and Basic Maintenance

Drain cleaning is an important part of basic maintenance and plumbing repair. Failure to perform regular drain cleaning will result in a slower flow of water. Eventually, drains become backed up and what's supposed to go down, goes up. We can unclog any home conveniences whether it is a clogged sink, toilet, or a tub. We can also successfully repair clogged floor drains, and perform grease trap cleaning to keep all of your appliances working in tip-top shape.

Our specialist is trained to handle any drain blockage problems. If your pipes are not draining properly, contact Tyrone's Drain Doctor in Saskatoon for more information and details regarding our services.



There are many tasks involved in underground sewer repair ranging from simple drain cleaning to complex excavations. No matter what the problem is, we’ll provide a speedy diagnosis and provide the appropriate solution.

Video Sewer Inspection

Video inspection of main lines is one of our primary methods of detecting sewage problems. Not only does it show you exactly what's going on, but it's one of the most cost-effective ways to diagnose the issue. Eighty percent of the time, roots from trees have infiltrated sewer lines for moisture. Our experienced technician will auger out the roots, stopping and preventing further drain blockages.

You can trust us to give you high-quality sewer camera inspection services. We are the experts you need when it comes to drain cleaning services.



Prevention Is Better Than Cure:
Plumbing Maintenance in Saskatoon
The best way to deal with problems like clogged drains is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. At Tyrone’s Drain Doctor we offer an extensive maintenance package to make sure that your drains and sewers are always clear. Here’s what we offer in our preventative maintenance package:

Maintenance Package Services
  • HD Video Camera sewer line inspection
  • Investigation for displaced pipes, roots infestations, grease and debris buildup
  • Pipe and sewer line structural integrity inspection
  • Same-day root infestation removal
  • Inspection records including before and after videos
  • Contractor’s rate (call us for more info)
  • And much more…
State-of-the-Art Equipment
In older homes we sometimes have to open up a wall to get proper access to unclog blockages and to do the job right. Tough old roots were the cause of this older home back-up, under the floor inside the main sewer line. It wasn’t a problem for us...

A little preventative maintenance once a year to every two years can go a long way. Some older homes can have roots even under their foundation getting into the main lines.

Step one: Send down a HD video camera to help locate the blockage in the main sewer line.
Step two: Choose the proper piece of equipment for the job. In this case we used the K-60 auger with 7/8th's cable and a 3 inch c- cutter.
Step three: always have a qualified professional do the job!

If you want to order a preventive maintenance package just drop us a line via our handy e-form or give us a call!

If you notice any difference in the speed of drainage, call us for a consultation. We are happy to help!